March campaing

advantageous tickets can be purchasedduring our MARCH CAMPAIGN until 31st March2016 After that we offer pre-sale tickets that are cheaper than tickets bought at the door. Pre-sale tickets are on sale until the night before the event. Please note that all pre-sale tickets are cheaper than tickets sold at the door.

TICKETMASTER FINLAND (formerly Lippupalvelu)

Internet purchases can be paid with Finnish net bank accounts, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, Amex, Amex Express Membership Rewards), Klarna, Ticketmaster gift cards.

Phone: 0600 10 800 (1,98 eur/min+operator charge)

CARELICUM –  Koskikatu 5, JOENSUU. Avoinna ma-pe 10-17, la-su 10-15

R-KIOSKS – Find your nearest R-kiosk

At the door an hour before the concert. We accept cash and most common bank cards (iZettle-system). Please note that all tickets are cheaper if bought in advance.

Joensuu Music Festival accepts no responsibility for the functionality of Ticketmaster sales operations.

For help with Ticketmaster online puchase issues please contact Ticketmaster by phone 0600 10 800 (1,98 eur/min+operator charge)

Please note: Contact Break Sokos Hotel Koli for ticket availability for the Koli concert on 11th June, tel. 020 1234 662